Can You Find Jesus?

Search through the stories of the gospel to learn about the life of Jesus.

Hidden in Every Picture
Part One: Searches
Search 1: Jesus Is Born
Search 2: Jesus Begins His Father's Work
Search 3: Jesus Is Baptized
Search 4 Jesus Performs His First Miracle
Search 5: Jesus Heals People
Search 6: Jesus Teaches and Feeds His Followers
Search 7: Jesus Calls the Little Children
Search 8: Jesus Enters Jerusalem
Search 9: Jesus Celebrates the Last Supper
Search 10: Jesus Dies For Us
Search 11: Jesus Returns To His Friends
Search 12: Jesus Returns to His Father
Search 13: Jesus Lives in Us
Part Two: Parents Guides

Sample Parent's Guide: Can You Find Jesus?

Search 7: Jesus Calls the Little Children
Look at the picture and read the introductory paragraph. Ask your child to tell you why Jesus liked to have children come to him. Going back over the introductory paragraph, help your child understand that Jesus wanted the children near him to share God's love with them. Point out that Jesus liked the love the children offered him in return.

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Each page includes the glossary and a sampling from it's parents guide



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