Fun images that will engage your child for hours.

Bible based, thematic spreads teach important information in an enjoyable way.

Parent Guides help you with
discussion starters.

Glossary of words
unfamiliar to children.


Descriptions of Books:

Can You Find Jesus?

Search through the stories of the gospel to learn about the life of Jesus. (go to book page)


Can You Find Followers of Jesus?

Introduce your child to those who lived with Jesus and chose to follow him, as well as those who came to know him through his followers and the scriptures. (go to book page)


Can You Find Saints?

Follow the story of the spread of Christianity through the lives of many of the men and women who have spent their lives spreading the gospel. (go to book page)


followers bible

Wonderful gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and to commemorate special occasions. EXCLUSIVE on this site, specify the name of the
recipient and the author will personalize the book to your special child.


To find out more about each individual book click the links below.

Can You Find Jesus?

Can You Find Followers of Jesus?

Can You Find Saints?

Each page includes the glossary and a sampling from it's parents guide


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